I have been in law practice since 1992, both as a litigator and a corporate attorney, in a law firm and as in-house General Counsel.  I have a passion for high-growth situations, which  means I like to grab an oar and row.  My work experience:

Outside GC, WMKushner 

Serving the needs of emerging and mezzanine clients, re-thinking how to form and finance start-ups, diving ever deeper into regulatory schemes, and driving sales.  Always.  Be.  Closing.

General Counsel, mBlox —

Executive team member and lead counsel for global wireless services provider.  Business-centric attorney serving internal clients with mandate to grow horizontally and vertically in EMEA, LATAM and the Americas.  On the launch team for key product offerings (organic and acquired), and in the negotiating chair with regulators, litigants, suppliers and financiers.

Principal, Torreya Partners —

M&A professional and principal in deal shop focused on biopharma and healthcare companies.  Refined each client’s pitch materials and got clients in front of strategic acquirers.  Closed deals in the face of head winds.  Wanted to get back to my knitting – counseling clients/colleagues.

General Counsel, OTN —
Division Counsel, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Fully trained in big pharma at a Fortune 100 company, then was tasked with selling the division to a private equity sponsor.  That’s when things got interesting.  Together with a super-star operating team, we executed on an aggressive build-out, which included revenue growth from $2.0bn to $3.5bn and the addition of 3 new business units.  Over 4 years as lead attorney, I hired a stellar legal team and worked closely with the business teams to build a valuable company.  I quarterbacked a company exit to McKesson for $575m, and McKesson has been a fantastic steward of this valuable business.  It was quite a ride.

Senior Attorney, Perkins Coie —

Field lieutenant to superstar rainmakers, learned to get the job done in the wash of the dot com.  Filed countless IPOs, completed several of them.  Was a buyer and a seller of countless businesses.  Attended board meetings, sought to understand the DNA of a Silicon Valley VC, cheered with the winners and shuttered the losers.   Studied the nexus between intellectual property and value creation.


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