Scope of Experience

I have been doing corporate law for over 20 years, both inside and outside of operating companies.  If you run a technology-driven company, it is likely that I have handled work that is directly on point for you.  Review my experience, which is summarized below.

  • Formation 
    • You are founding your company or building a US presence.  You want straightforward, bullet-proof arrangement among the founding team.  I have been there at day one to get companies up and running.  I will provide you with the basic contracts you need to face the public and be open for business.
  • Private Financing
    • It is a long path from an angel round to an IPO.  At each step, you must respond to due diligence with precision and negotiate complex deal terms.  Your finance team will be put to the test, and your sense of fair play will be challenged.  And, eventually you will get the funding you deserve.
    • I have handled VC and private equity financings with an aggregate value of over $1bn, some big, some small.  I can work alongside of your finance group to deliver an efficient closing and prevent over-lawyering.
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
    • Your company faces complex regulation that can be distracting at best and ruinous at worst.  Hiring regulatory and compliance staff must wait – but how not to let these issues keep you up at night?
    • I have developed detailed compliance programs covering the gamut for healthcare, telecom and tech companies.
    • Let me show you my toolset for Anti-kickback/False Claims Act, HIPAA, FCPA/UK Anti-Bribery, TCPA and others, plus general corporate compliance (handbook/code of conduct, privacy & security, HR, etc)
  • Commercial & Licensing
    • Your product is getting noticed, and sales are beginning to click.  It is critical to make sales, on your terms.  Plus, the phone is ringing with partnership opportunities.  Who on your team can be counted on to document your requirements?
    • I have developed numerous click-to-accept SaaS offering documents, as well as bespoke arrangements, and can show you examples that will work for you.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Along the way, you will look to grow through acquisition and be offered exit opportunities.  When these match with your company’s and your stakeholders’ objectives, time becomes of the essence, and wise counsel can minimize the steps to conclusion.
    • I have been on the buy side and the sell side on transactions ranging from under $1M to over $600M.  I know how to get the most from Investment Bankers, and I know what is important to your stakeholders.
  • Litigation Management & Dispute Resolution
    • “What’s this?  A civil complaint?  OK, that was not part of today’s action plan.”  Lawsuits come in all shapes and sizes – while some are just noise, with others, you may be betting the company.
    • I have managed complex litigation, from attorney hiring through resolution and collection.

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