Representative Clients

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 * Outside GC

— An innovative service provider for the delivery of primary care sought to outsource its general counsel function to someone who has “been there and done that” when it comes to complex healthcare services.  I am responsible to provide actionable, proactive advice on a broad range of matters, including complex M&A/joint ventures, new markets, regulatory compliance and dispute resolution.  My client is pleased to have a veteran in place who can offer executive-level legal support and decrease the overall legal spend.

* Venture Capital

— A social gaming client raised a seven figure sum in a preferred stock financing from a strategic investor.  The closing was conditioned on my client concluding an acquisition of an Indian company.  I was brought in to “break a lawyers logjam” and was instrumental in addressing the concerns of the India stakeholders.  In a few weeks time, I drove the deal from “stuck” to “closed”.

* Mergers & Acquisitions

— Two VC-backed companies in the mobile data analytics segment are now one — in a transaction completed in just four weeks (including a holiday weekend), I represented the acquirer in an all-stock deal in which the companies had over $45M in paid-in capital invested by a half-dozen top-tier VC funds.  Going forward, the combined company intends to compete aggressively and grow globally.


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